1/1/2020: www.yongl.my is being updated and the new www.yonglstudio.com will be completed by 22/2/2020. Do follow YONGL Facebook PageInstagram for more updates. 

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Attractive visuals for YOU & Your Businesses 

Our lives are inspired by a multitude of creative visual content that yield joy and interest to the eyes of the beholders. Photography has always played a major role in the domain of visual communication and especially in this digital era, it is believed that good, high-quality photos and remarkable creative visuals are an essential element to generate good first impression of corporate organizations and business or domestic individuals. 

Great photos as a company asset can help to define business owners’ image, build online presence on social platforms, and magnify brand value to facilitate potential sales. YongL hopes to enrich your individuality and uniqueness with meaningful concept through the camera lens and his artistic caliber.

Clients Testimonials

I found Yong through his website. I would recommend Yong to others for their visual imaging needs because the works produced by him are so satisfying. Outstanding shots and genres!

Fazli Hisham Shukor, VP2 

Next Bike Sdn Bhd (Ducati Malaysia)

Yong is one of the young photographers that has a lot of potentials to offer to his clients. He can produce amazing visual content that can help businesses grow. I also see that Yong is highly committed to his project and will strive to deliver the best. I have no regret working together with Yong, and I believe other business owners would benefit from his services too.

Fir Fendi, Founder

 Ikotropi Teknologi PLT (Tech Startup)

Before Yong did the shooting, I made a list of required scenes and subjects, and Yong delivered all of these photos. The quality of these photos met my expectation that after Yong delivered the photos as per the timeline, there was no amendment required. I also feel comfortable with Yong's professionalism, communication style and attitude.

Amy Yau, Director 

 Embun Ria Sdn Bhd (Forest Replantation Company)

Business Visual Identity, Photo Branding

If you believe that good photographs are not needed to represent a brand’s identity, think again. Every industry needs a messenger to communicate its presence to the general public and business partners profoundly, and a good photograph will be a part of it. The storytelling aspect of photographs is a powerful tool at your disposal to significantly enhance your image and grab people’s attention, effectively defining yourself from peers and increasing your value. Need photographs for your website but don’t have any idea? You are in the right place.

Interior & Exterior, Travel

It is not all that easy to run long distances around Peninsular Malaysia even by a four-wheel drive, and believe it or not, YongL has done just that for 2 full rounds on a motorcycle. He believes in his vision to seek underappreciated places and demonstrate overlooked beauty residing in them as well as present the magnificence of Malaysia landscapes (Go see – Memories of Malaysia). Indoor or outdoor, he is aspired to help businesses that require good portrayal of physical locations that captures and expresses the beauty in them, specifically the travel industry – Hotel, resort, homestay. Would you have this natural traveler snap you a couple of images to express your intrinsic beauty?

Lifestyle, Outdoor Portrait

Are you a celebrity on Instagram? A public figure? Business coach? Café owner? Athlete? Biker? If grabbing a quick average-looking selfie of yourself is getting old for you and that you are seeking a more refreshingly interesting look of yourself in a portrait from a professional standpoint, being photogenic or not, you need no worries. This is the right place for you to have your lifestyle portrayed and expressed aesthetically.

Food, Product 

Any delicious food industry is brimming with great potential to grow larger as our stomachs constantly need to be filled and satisfied. Before discussing about how tasty a food is, the attempt to draw customers in to taste it in the first place is often the question to ponder on. A good visual presentation of your food will most likely answer that, and to capture it while putting it on your menu would just be a similar example to the perfect icing on top of a delicious cake. Besides food, the same idea is applicable to other products like beverages, teapots, equipment and more. Want your food and product to stand out like a flamingo among pigeons? Yes, you may contact me.


Creative & conceptual works or anything crazy which does not belong to any of the sub categories listed above. I am all ears!


Step 1 - Enquiry

Send in questions and brief details of who, when, where and what need to be photographed.

Step 2 - Quotation

Quotation or packages will be provided. A meeting and free consultation can be arranged within Klang Valley area.

Step 3 - Shoot

Upfront deposit as stated in the quotation will be collected. Production and shooting works will begin after that.

Step 4 - Deliver

Client will be able to login and check the photos on this website. Watermarks will be removed and files will be delivered once full payment is cleared.