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Hi sir! Im navinneshwary. By this im become 20 . I have interested in wildlife photography but i havent fine way to become one. Can please let me know how to become a photographer ? And how your picture take particepated in the competition and what are the procedure to take particepate in the competitions?
Love your works, keep it up :D
Simple and cool site, nice pictures too. :)
Terra Chua
Yoo, really good layout u have there, looking forward for more awesome work of urs,always love your works ????????????
Nice layout (smooth and professional), I feel comfortable when surfing your web (y)
Have the same way of starting up like you, where I got a digital camera from my mum and played with it and end up playing with a better DSLR now. Love how you are passionate and keep on pursue your hobbies and dreams to another level. I wonder What you look forward to in this industry? Keep up the good work!
Kevin Lim
Simple but artistic layout, loving the design to the webpage.
Sangkara Arivalakan
Been following you for the past 2 years now. Never fail to impress me. Thanks for all the advice given man! Great website and hoping to see more! Sang
Matthew Kang
Pretty cool layout! Just noticed the occasional grammatical errors here and there. Get it proof read then you're good to go! Big supporter of your work!
Li Ching
Hi Yong Lin! I like the minimal and neat layout of your website, it's easy to navigate and view your works. Here's some of my thoughts: - I really like the 'My Story' section, perhaps you could highlight some of the stories in your homepage as well? - The full height and with slider in homepage gave me a feeling that there's something that I can click into, maybe you can make use of that slider and add relevant links to the images. - If I have to be very meticulous, there are some images that you can still work on to make them more responsive when it's being shown on mobile. (Eg: The bottom circle images in your personal work pages, and the icons in the about page) Keep up the good works and I'm looking forward to see more of your works! :)
Dai Villegas
Great website! Love the aesthetic!! Simply, yet effective, focusing on your art instead of text or other things!! Got to hear your story when you were in Madrid, and I was fascinated by it, love how you capture the world. You’re very talented!! If I have to say anything, I would change maybe the back color of the entries on the blog section (My Story) so it highlights each entry more. Good luck on your future endeavors!
Yanah Ishak
Congrats on the new website! I love how simple it is and makes the reader/audience focus more on the content. Just throwing in a small suggestion to pin the texts in the personal work section so readers can scroll through your work while reading your stories. Reading through your stories sparked motivation in me to take risks and start doing what I love - to stop thinking so much and get carried away by the petty details like I usually do which only made me lose motivation in the end. Looking forward to see more of your inspirational works in the future! Good luck!!
yang zhen siang
Great effort! Keep it up and good luck for your future undertakings! If possible lets collaborate in future
First visit already attracted by your landing page. Always amazed by yong's adventure spirit and gorgeous work. Here are some few's suggestion, you may consider about it~ NAVIGATION BAR - maybe darker a bit, to high lighten yr tab COMMERCIAL WORKS - can be more categorized ABOUT - advice to put logo of (event, scholarship, competition) CONTACT - advice to put dark backdrop in CTA part or darken the outline of box.
Douglas L
Congrats on your new website! Really love the planning of your site and the displays of your works. Really great job! Hoping to see more contents in the near future, especially your digital art masterpieces! All the best!
rusdi effandy bin rustam afandi @reffandy
The website works well. Easy to browse. Great work. Love all ur photo and artwork. Congrats.
Always seeing your works moving from point to point, getting better is part of improving. So keep going ! (At the same time don't remember to rest and travel around :) )
Y o n g L
Hi there, first of all I would love to thank you for visiting and checking out my website which I have been working on for almost a month. Feel free to leave a comment or maybe just say Hi? I would appreciate it very much. Have a nice day!


Feel free to leave a comment or maybe just say Hi? I would appreciate it very much. Have a nice day!