1/1/2020: www.yongl.my is being updated and the new www.yonglstudio.com will be completed by 22/2/2020. Do follow YONGL Facebook PageInstagram for more updates. 

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Step into the Surreal World of YONGL

I used to draw and paint when I was a little boy. Nowadays I do it with my camera. For most of my digital imaging works, I usually start off with the ideas I have in my mind and sketch them out. After sketching them out, I will proceed to gather images I need for the final image. I use Adobe Photoshop to compose the images I have taken and this usually takes the longest time. Sometimes, if I ever lack any images, I'll use additional ones from stock photography sites that are either paid-to-use or royalty free. For me, expressing meaningful idea and content is dominantly all that matters at executing a surreal and conceptual imaging work, whilst keeping in mind also the technical quality of the piece.

 As Featured On

GIVI ASIA Billboard

DigitalSLR Photography Magazine 

Aperture Magazine

Practicing good work ethics at such a young age, young photographer YongL shares his vision and work process examplifying the talent of his generation.

Valerie Vanessa, DigitalSLR Photography Magazine Malaysia

The Concrete Jungle

Two wanderers arrived in a new city far from home and started working. The wanderers in this artwork can be any of us. As we grow up, we might be burdened by the responsibilities and challenging parts of life. We all have our own dream to pursue. Sometimes it is okay to feel lost during the process. Sometimes, being lost can actualy be a turning point to find out what you truly want and who you truly are. May all the wanderers who feel lost find their way and direction eventually.

Finding Hope 

HOPE is a positive feeling of expectation and the will to hold on to a better future even when everything is lost. In life, we are all consistently looking for hope, each of us is thrown with different challenges in life but we can always choose to remain hopeful even in the darkest moment.

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