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YONGL | My first flight - London
Nov 05, 2018

22 APRIL 2015

        This is my Story. My first time stepping into an airport (KLIA) and my first ever aeroplane flight in my life is FREE thanks to World Photography Organisation, but a tedious yet unforgettable 14+ hours flight with a transfer in Dubai DXB to London LHR back in April 2015. My university friends sent me off. My passport was freshly made a few months ahead of the flight. I was alone and I remember I have to look at the person in front of me and imitate their actions during the security check (etc) because I have zero idea of how the process of boarding an aeroplane is like. I also realise the importance of signboards in big airport like DXB. 

        I smiled like a dumbass when the aeroplane took off because that is my first time experiencing the fast acceleration. I stared at the window most of the time during the flight. There is no one beside me the entire journey. The vibrating seat when the aeroplane leaves KLIA bracing the sunset storm and thunder; the total darkness across the Andaman sea and Bay of Bengal - news of MH370 flashed across my mind; the bright city lights above Hyperabad; the red crescent moon above Dubai Burj Khalifia.. The only Chinese I saw in DXB transfer train smiled and nodded at me, then we parted ways. I was the only Asian boarding the midnight flight from DXB to LHR. 

        I remember every single details visually. I watched the sun rises above the horizon; the freezing water droplets on the window and arrived in LHR early morning, had a "small interview" session in the airport. The immigration officer bombarded me with tons of questions with suspicioun, but my Awards invitation letter cleared the stituation easily and gained the officer respect in return. The Awards night falls on the same day I arrive. I had zero sleep, I was tired mentally and I just went up to the stage and delivered a short speech smoothly (surpisingly, because I was a quiet person back then) right from my heart without any preparation ahead, people like it. I am not sure if anyone recorded my short sleepless spontaneous speech on the stage. Now, I wish to find the footage back haha

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