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YONGL | Riding Ha Giang Extreme Motorcycle Loop
Oct 30, 2018

          Grateful that I am still in one piece and alive, the rural mountains of North Vietnam almost took my breath away. Riding in it feels so god damn surreal (and dangerous- single lane but 2 ways, shitty road condition, sands and rocks, trucks) I will return one day. 

          I have to thank both of you Hoàng Hà & Sin Wei for the hospitality. The trip is not possible without u guys. I will never forget the motorcycling experience there, one step closer to riding around South East Asia? (still lots of steps to go) One day in far future hopefully.

          Riding a motorcycle in such environment ..you will feel that you are so small and unimportant, all your worries, sadness and negative emotions become insignificant and infinitesimal, the cool wind will numb all your negativities. (more physical numbness if you didn't wear any biking gloves or jacket)

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