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YONGL | My first photography sharing in Nottingham University Malaysia
Nov 05, 2018

28 NOVEMBER 2016

           This is my first ever art, photography talk and sharing in an "Incitement" event organised by the awesome team @JCI Youth University Of Nottingham Malaysia Campus 3 weeks ago, I get to share the story of my journey all the way from painting on papers to shooting on camera, then creating artworks digitally. My family is not financially capable of supporting my tertiary education and passion, so I have to study hard for SPM; securing a full scholarship to study what I like and participating in competitions for gears, equipments and funds are my only way out. 4-5 years ago my mother believed in me and bought me my first ever inexpensive entry level slt camera with 3 years loan, and it improved my life forever. Currently I'm glad that I get to do the stuffs I'm passionate about every day, I don't mind sleeping less and working long hours or going additional miles for these stuffs, still much better than doing or studying something which I'm not truly passionate about (plus it's for the grades) when I was in science stream in highschool.

Update: Full video of the speech will be uploaded to my Youtube page - YONGL soon. 

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