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YONGL | SPM - My key to freedom
Nov 06, 2018

1 JUNE 2013

          2012 - During my high school life, I’ve no other choice but to take up science as my major even though I want to do art. My Form 3 class teacher once said to me, “oh, I didn’t know that you can actually draw. Did you know that drawing stuffs have no future? Don’t waste your time on drawing. It’s better for you to focus and do revision for my subjects”. I was devastated after hearing that comment. 

          However, I did not take that criticism seriously and continued doing what I am passionate in as well as my belief that this path will bring me to great heights. I remember my parent telling me that they have no money for my tertiary study, I figured out that a scholarship is my only way out, and to get a scholarship I need a good result. Statistically, scholarships are more likely to be given to a student studying in the science stream rather than the arts. I will need to endure 2 of my final years in high school and ace the exam so that I can pursue my passion degree in creative field with a scholarship. (and I made it!) 

           I believe that anything we do in life there will always be obstacles and challenges and we have to always keep our heads up and never allow pessimists to push us down. I’ve also learnt that we have to give ourselves some self-respect, faith and trust in ourselves. Besides that, we also need to put in a lot of effort to get what we want. We are the controllers of our own life, and all of us have the power to control which path to take.. 

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