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YONGL | Story and journey to Sony World Photography Awards 2015
Nov 06, 2018

22 APRIL 2015

          Well this feels a bit of surreal, travelling alone to somewhere so far for the very first time and the entire trip is fully sponsored by Sony & World Photo Organisation (WPO). I have never been to a foreign country, the farthest place I ever been to is like Johor, Malaysia. I never sit in an airplane and today… perhaps all the tough work do really pays off at the end. 

          Thinking back to the starting point of my photography journey it’s a mixed emotion, it is absolutely not easy specifically at the point where I just begin to become a self-taught photographer, and I am so thankful that I have true friends who are really supportive (I can’t list all of you out here but I’m going to remember you all till my last breath) and my family too (even if it took me quite a long time to convince my parent, and the three years installment plan for my very first camera is now worth it). Also, thanks to a specific college in Penang for rejecting my scholarship application which eventually leads me to MMU in Cyberjaya, thanks Mr.Ayman & The Star Education Fund for having faith in me all through the scholarship interview. Consequently meeting my foundation lecturer Che’ Ahmad Azhar whom his street photography works – Walk Of Life, heavily inspired and taught me that dedication as well as patience is really important and from the philosophy and teaching of his, it further elevates my thinking and direction towards my works in photography.

          Sometimes life is about give and take, and finding a balance. I wish I could inspire more people to go pursue whatsoever they like or are passionate in, or even try finding them, and it is not just for money or fame solely or anything materialistic and luxurious. My airplane departs in an hour time. I do feel a little bit scared but then I remember my name which my parent gave – ‘勇’ Yong which means courage. Wish me luck!

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