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YONGL | The beginning of my photography journey
Nov 07, 2018

12 DECEMBER 2014

    My mother bought me my first slt camera three years ago, it was an inexpensive entry level slt camera which I still uses up to now and within that period we decide to pay in segment for like 2-3 years just for it. Previously I was just fooling around with a small digital camera and once borrowed a dslr camera from my uncle to try out for fun, my mother – she mostly understands and also trust in my passion for taking photographs (since I didn’t paint that frequently anymore haha). Due to deficiency of skill and money, I ended up self-learning and shooting with just one simple 18-55mm kit lens for two full years unceasingly (it’s actually dedicated).

       Afterward I advanced from high school and as well realizing that I have to find myself a scholarship (Finished up in receiving The Star Education Fund scholarship! ) in order to get into university for my favorite course in creative field (currently I am majoring in film & animation), and then there’s a photography subject for 3 semesters in the foundation year (it finished so quick!) and I’m glad that I met Mr.Chemat on the track way that I have taken, after his lesson I was required to have a prime and telephoto lens to finish up the tasks specified (street genre kind of) and that is essentially the first time I came in touch with new lenses, more technical aspects and also some principles of photography, like a more proper education rather after years of self, it did bring a lot of benefits to me. My university's foundation year is over and I’m walking into my majoring (First year). Nowadays I’m on my own again on photography and looking back it was a very long road, definitely I will continue to shoot and as well see where the wind will take me to.

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