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YONGL | Unleash 2017 Speaker - Madrid, Spain
Nov 01, 2018


            #UNLEASH2017 – was another amazing experience that I had the pleasure to attend. I want say thank you to PANGEA for sponsoring my trip to Madrid, Spain for my second experience travelling overseas. I was invited to give a talk in a 3-day youth convention & conference called the TEATRO CIRCO PRICE on my photography experience and journey along with other amazing youths from all around the world. I would also like to extend my gratitude to Sandra, Irene and Javi. I will send you guys a self-made photobook from Malaysia! 

           This was truly a priceless trip, also my second oversea trip to somewhere so far. I’ve met many amazing people during that time. They all have very inspiring and motivating stories when they share it during that conference. A big shout out to Max, Prince Wasim, Alexandru and Lucia! I’ve also decided to tour Madrid on my own time during that trip. I managed to get lost a couple of times but I am glad to be able to take over 300 photos (Thanks to Raúl for the recommendations). I’ve also visited many museums that was recommended by Lola. Absolutely flabbergasted for a village boy like me. Finally, I’ve also managed to meet a ‘neighbour’ from Singapore, Ming! I have no regrets. Adios Madrid!  

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