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Memory Visitor - 回忆的访客

Old photographs are precious, priceless..

What if you can watch and re-experience all your old memories from your point of view once again?

1 Minute preview

In a near future city, a young working adult is addicted in a memory projection device and use it as a form of escapism.

Full shortfilm will be uploaded to Youtube soon. This is my Final Year Project which I worked together with 2 of my friends under the group name 'Black File VFX'. The final shortfilm is completed on March 2018.  

Storyboard & Animatics

Spoiler alert! Feel free to skip this part if you have not watch the full shortfilm yet. If you are a student and interested in downloading the storyboard to be used as reference for your project feel free to email me by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

Behind The Scene

We used months for the pre-production and 4 days time to shoot the entire shortfilm. Post-production took the longest time as there are only 3 of us working on it, hundred of shots to be exact. Lots of sleepless nights spent on the compositing works from BG prep to post.

The entire shortfilm is self funded. I would like to personally thank my friends and people involved who have contributed directly or indirectly to the making of the short film.  

Post processing took the longest time which is probably 2 months as we are just a small team of 3. 

Visual Effects Breakdown

The video below is the rough VFX breakdown of the shortfilm, we used Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop mainly for the compositing works because we were much more familiar with layer-based workflow at that time. Hence the efficiency for just a small 3 person team like us. 

19th Digicon6 Asia Next Generation Award


Are you a final year student working on a visual effects short film project?

Feel free to use the button below and send me an email! Tell me who you are and where you from! I will share a private Google Drive link which contain all the working files (documentation) of our final year project with you.