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Do you have any ideas or projects in mind?  There is always a spark of inspiration or maybe a question for every new project and idea! What, where, why, who, when and how? I'd love to hear what you have in mind and how I can execute, provide values and turn them into a reality.  For potential clients, not sure if my photography style suits your needs? Just head over to my commercial works section and have a look! If you have extra five minutes to spare, drop by and check out any of my personal works. I can always adjust my personal artistic perspective and sense to cater to your commercial needs or personal needs and priority, trust me it will be a great blend of two worlds. :) 

I always love challenging and crazy works across all photography genres. One of the most challenging project which I have executed is with Ducati Malaysia, Mr.Fazli from Ducati approached me by email and I responded almost instantly, after one round of meeting and proposal with the marketing team, I was given a Scrambler to ride around Peninsula Malaysia with another legendary biker Whyzul - on the new supersport within four days time while shooting along the journey shine and rain on two wheels! The series of photos were then exhibited and used as visual promotional purposes for the new Ducati Supersports during the launching event.

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I update my social media and document my work progress on these platforms, mainly Instagram and Facebook.

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